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Ishqbaaz 6th April Written Episode Update: Jhanvi gives file to Tej and asks did you take BP medicines. Tej says yes, anything else. Shakti asks Pinky why does she kill him by giving sugary tea, she can give him poison at once and close the chapter.

She says I have put extra sugar, he is saying so much. She says you have forgotten that I m diabetic, you call it sugars, I will be doomed. She says let your enemies get doomed. He says to be honest, you are becoming my enemy, you are adding much sugar every day. She asks Tej to take a sip and say if its much sweet. She says no, he likes black coffee without sugars, he will find this much sugary.

They get some message and turn tensed. Pinky says I forgot to do puja and goes. Tej says I need to go office. Shakti says I will come along. They all come to Roop and ask about the message, why did she write that they have to go mills at night. Roop says no, police can find his identity by bones and teeth, we have to move that dead body, else you all will be suspected, you all got benefited by his death.

Tej says I think she is right, we all should go to mill. Roop thinks I want Shivaye to catch you all red handed, then he will believe all my lies. Everything changes in the room. She likes the pink decors and says mindblowing, now it looks our room. Om and Gauri come. Om says maybe we entered the wrong room. Rudra says no, wrong happened with my room. Om says much wrong. He says very nice. Gauri says it looks so nice. Bhavya shows her the room. Rudra asks did this happen with you.

Gauri asks Om to show her new hair brush. Om says sure baby I will get it. Om says I had explained you, love your wife, this is its good example. Om jokes on him.

He says I understand it now, man of the house, big deal. Om says one has to say, be a man. Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi and Pinky come to Kalyani mills. Pinky says we are here to dig out the buried corpse today. Tej says I remember, the fire broke out here. Shakti says I remember Mr. Jhanvi screams seeing skeleton hand. Roop records and says just four hours more, Shivaye will be here and they will be caught.

Anika asks where are you going. She asks right now, when its raining heavily. He says I have to meet clients. Tej and Shakti run back to mills. She plays with rain. He says I need to go. He asks where are mom and dad.

He thinks whose wedding, did they go to Kalyani mills. He says I have to go, I will ask Khanna to take care of you, I will be back soon, meeting is imp. Tej and Shakti dig out the soil. Anika shuts the door and sings Haye ye majburi…. He sees the time. He says I m sorry but I have to go Anika.

Shivaye reaches the mill. He leaves his umbrella. He thinks it means they have lied to come here. Shakti says this ring belongs to Mr. Tej says Roop is right, Mr. They see the skeleton. Shivaye looks on shocked. Lady says do you know where is your husband right now, he is having fun with another woman.

Another lady says no, its a lie, my husband went for work. The first one says what work does he have during midnight, meeting and all are excuses to fool wife. Lady says you are so innocent, all men are the same, they lose interest in wives after some years of marriage, the wife stays at home and husbands stays outside.

Rudra and Bhavya come. Anika says I will show him, he left me alone and went. She throws water assuming him to be Shivaye. She sees Rudra and says sorry, I thought it was Shivaye. Rudra jokes and says its okay. Bhavya asks did Shivaye go anywhere. Tej says this is really…. Shivaye says its your business partner Mr. They get shocked seeing Shivaye. Kapoor, you all are murderers. Shivaye says if you had killed Mr. Kapoor, it means you were the ones to set fire in mills, you all are murderers.

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