Dating scorpio guy

As a bright Psychology student, I thought it impossible to understand a Scorpio man, especially when he likes a woman. You see, a Scorpio is so confusing. He can be so hot and protective, but he can be so cold, distant and unemotional, like Mr. Spock from Star Wars. Initially, I was skeptical about it, but then I realized the incredible power of astrology from close quarters. Maybe you love him and you want to understand him, or you like him and want him to chase you, or maybe you just want to get a Scorpio man back in your life.

Let me begin with a simple truth that you may already know: The reason you found this hard-to-find page tells me that your destiny has something in store for you. What could it be? Does he just want to sleep with you or does he actually like you? How compatible are you with a Scorpio man? Why are Scorpio men so frustratingly complex? Do Scorpio men like to play mind games with their lovers? Why does a Scorpio man ignore you?

What is the best way to approach him and to keep him interested? Why Scorpio men are so cold and unemotional? How does a Scorpio guy behave in love? Are Scorpio men loyal or promiscuous? How to win back a Scorpio after a breakup And much, much more Do you know that astrology can easily bring you love, luck, and happiness with a Scorpio man?

Scorpios, being co-ruled by Pluto the god of the Underworld , are mysterious. That is when Scorpios draw back emotionally. They give excuses of being busy, they send you confusing vibes, they get stubborn about their thoughts, their plans, and their schedules, and suddenly they turn ice cold or they become clingy.

If you want to stop or reverse all of it then I have great news for you. I was a college senior when I started dating this hot man, Frank, a Taurus. He was nice and I became addicted to him. I was finally happy, looking forward to walking down the aisle with my love, my soul mate, and my destined partner. For a couple months everything was fine, until suddenly things nosedived and troubles crept in between us.

I had no idea how to make him happy and how to stop my soulmate from pulling away. He doubted our future together and I could not stop him from dumping me. I could not make him love me. One day he suddenly broke up with me over the phone. All of my dreams were shattered in a moment and I was devastated. My worst fears were manifesting. The harder I try to mend things with him, the quicker he was pulling away. Why is this happening to me? Yet another wonderful man left me for no fault of mine.

I cried for days, and then, taking pity on me, my mom suggested that I take a vacation to Romania. My family emigrated from there when I was a little girl. I thought he would come back. And then, I saw him with another woman. I grew determined to forget him. I packed my bags and left for Romania. I thought new people would help me. My first stop was Otopeni, located at just slightly north of Bucharest.

And at Vernesti, my aunt came to pick me up. It is about a half an hour drive from where she lives in Soresti. It was a pleasant journey and a big surprise was to come.

Was there a new relationship or someone for me in Romania? When I saw my aunt, she was absolutely radiant. I immediately felt an avalanche of positive energy and I began to feel much better. Even as I was enjoying the countryside, she surprised me by asking what was wrong with me! I did not want to keep things to myself so I vented everything out into the open.

It was so relieving. I was astonished, why is she so insensitive? And then something happened which confounded me. She revealed a few details about Frank that I never mentioned to anyone. I must have looked puzzled and stupid the entire time. What nobody told to me was that my aunt was an ace astrologer.

Actually, astrology is big in Romania. Television and newspapers are filled with ads from psychics, astrologers, and oracles. When finally we reached her home, which was more like a castle, I discovered she is doing well in her vocation. People would fly in from around the world to consult with her. We finally settled down for refreshments, and my life was about to change, forever.

I was still surprised about how she got things correct about Frank, and then she prepared a full Synastry report and I was blown away. To me it looked like a complete psychological analysis and I realized if only I had this information earlier then things would have turned out much different.

But now it was too late and I assumed that Frank had already moved on. You see, astrology is much more than the usual junk you read in magazines and newspaper horoscopes. It is a much deeper science. But still, many people think that astrology attracts the unscientific.

But the truth is far from it, studies show that astrology appeals mostly to intelligent and logical people. All of these scientists believed in astrology. There is no doubt that from politics, to the stock market, to relationship problems and marriages, Astrology is one of the most consulted sciences when it comes to making big decisions. There is overwhelming proof now and in s in a study, astrologers beat psychologist left and right when it comes to predicting case histories.

This is when I began to take this science seriously. I realized how, as a Gemini woman, I was so incompatible with a Taurus man. What was he thinking, what had he wanted, and how had he wanted things to go? I wished I had taken the tour to Romania before, but luckily something amazing was about to happen. He immediately picked up the phone and asked me where I was, and then we talked for over an hour. No pleading, and no emotional blackmailing. I tried to stick with what my aunt had told me and I talked in his language!

By the time, we finished something incredible happened and Frank said there was something different about me and asked if we could meet. When we met I followed the psychological roadmap that was shown to me by my aunt.

But by the time we finished he was clearly feeling guilty for breaking up with me! And he wanted to come back. Long story short, he came back and I realized the power of my vocation. For the next few years, I regularly visited my aunt and learned this science from her and other top guns. Ultimately, it became my profession and I started helping others in their relationships. Now an obvious question you may have is, what happened to our relationship?

Our love grew deeper and stronger and Frank was always besides me We enjoy traveling and talking late into the night, and after almost two years after our patch up he went down on his one knee and proposed me to marry him. I was in heaven!!!

I wanted to dance and kiss him wildly. I had merely followed the roadmap to his heart, which was shown to me by Astrology. It could be your secret weapon to attract and make a Scorpio guy mad for you. How to read a Scorpio Man like an open book Imagine his mind as a maze and his heart at its center.

You need to solve his puzzling talk, confusing mind games, and mood swings in order to get there. You must get the real meaning behind what he does and says. Now what if you have the secret keys to his heart and a cheat-sheet to control him? Many women and men wrote thank you letters for helping to attract or save their relationship. And at the same time, I received requests for help with Scorpio men!

Dare, if you must, to dabble in a challenge to get a Scorpio woman to fall in love with you. This is one extraordinary woman. Anna Kovach reveals how you can capture that hot Scorpio man's heart and make him chase after you. Learn to read and fully understand the Scorpio man you want.

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