Art of war dating

About as close as you can get and not need to have a 4-star general on speed dial to give you launch codes when you get her into bed. And this is nothing new. Poets, songwriters, artists, and writers, all have been equating the two for centuries.

And other desirable parts. You talk about 9 situations you need to be aware of and prepared for. Can you give examples of a couple of the situations and how to prepare? For example, Situation 2 involves Grenades, Cockblockers and other obstacles like drunks, jealous Alpha Males and even Boring Buddies, you own friends dragging you down by their complete lack of skills.

I explain each of them, and give you tactics for salvaging your operation. For instance, in the case of a Grenade this is a friend of your target, who, for whatever reason and I get into them in the book , is out to make sure she blows up your chances or with a drunk or jealous Alpha male, the best play is to have a solid Wingman keep them occupied. These types have a tendency to stick like Napalm. So dealing with them head on is the only way.

And in the book I explain how. Situation 4 is about Rewarding Bad Behavior. And this is where Nice Guys get themselves blown to bits every time.

Because Nice Guys have been rewarding their poor treatment forever. This is one of the hardest things for a lot of guys to get: The worst thing that can happen? The best case scenario? She stops thinking she can treat you like shit.

Finally, another of the Situations is Situation 8: Shooting Down Her Objections. As a rule, most women are constantly hitting us with Shit Tests, little negative comments or bitchy attitude they give us to see how we react.

And like in Situation 4, if we reward this bad behavior, we become nothing more than a Moodle. And contrary to what a lot of guys think, women do not want a guy who bows down.

They are more attracted to men who have some strength of character and backbone. Take the situation and turn it around to your advantage.

The quick answer to that is yes. Do your tastes run toward the more sophisticated? Or do you want a woman to play World of Warcraft with? And the reverse is true. Your college football-loving dream girl may not be at a wine tasting. Your battlefield of choice is determined by your ideal target. And one important thing I mention in the book, is you have to get over your Geographical Homophobia.

You need to go to where the women are. And those places are loaded with them. Even for getting you into their camp. And that means using other women as your spies. Because no one can kick down a Bitch Shield faster than she can. While in a pair of peep toe pumps. Plus, being with an attractive woman instantly makes you more attractive and approachable to other women.

James Bond used Pussy Galore you should too. One thing Sun Tzu made sure of, was that his spies were treated like kings. Since they were invaluable, he made sure they were treated accordingly. They got compensation over and above. That goes for your spies too. Unlike women you are targeting, and even dating, your spy gets whatever she wants: I can teach a chimp to do that. More than just once. Because when you understand women, and understand yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a thousand approaches.

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the Spring and Autumn Period (roughly to BC). The work, which is attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu ("Master Sun", also spelled Sunzi), is composed of 13 chapters. Ah, the timeless art of dating. Not to be confused with the timeless art of seduction. As a dating coach, I encourage women to perfect the art of .

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