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But sometimes the game also drops every player who was not able to connect to the first dropped one because of HIS bad connection. So the more players you have in a game, the more chances you have to be dropped, because only one person can crash the entire game. This is why sometimes game crash 2, 3 times in a row with 28 players and start after someone left.

Sometimes, the matchmaking is dumber and continues to try to sync everyone with the dropped player s , which result in endless loading screen.

It is also possible that the game drop players during loading but continue to try to sync them, resulting in endless loading too. And for the error ? I think developers change a value which cause sync issues. Just for you to know, both your download and upload speeds must be 1 Mbps or better. Ping is "random", as it is proportional to the distance between you and every other player.

Lack of news After the network issues, the most asked things are news. New maps, new classes, new gamemodes For those who pay. We all want some real news. The freshly released Sunset is good, but BUT devs After the network issue that you must fix as soon as possible, you must increment all the thing you promised, and tell us when.

Instead of coding a campagn to upgrade our stuff quickly, code something that give us a reason to play. Do you know what is the common point between Halo: CE, Halo 2 and Happy Wars? Their PC ports sucks! Please work on it too! Some gameplay improvements This part is exclusively for the devs. You have a game which have to start when there is two equal teams. There is a party of 8 players, and 2 of 4. Is it possible to start the game? Why not add a notion of offside?

At the beginning of the game, each team builds their tower, until the first clash. We are on Rainbow. Each team has 3 towers, and around the middle tower, this is what we can call the front. From the front center, which is the middle tower, the closest tower of each team is considered as in the front too.

In this area, nothing changes. BUT If a player of the white team go ahead enemy castle, he left the front. So in this area we can call "Backdoor area", if a black player kill the white player, he earn double XP which count in score. To make defenders able to earn some points even if they stay in front of the castle waiting for those freaky backdoorers, without building tower, without helping team skills, without killing the rest of the enemy team.

How can the front move? If a tower inside the front is destroyed, the front is extended to the next one. If the next one is also a destroyed tower or a tower of the other team, the front is extended to the next, until the castle. If a tower outside the front is destroyed, the front stay as it is. Which means that if that tower is built by the attacking team, players will spawn as backdoorers, giving double XP to their opponents.

If you guys want to backdoor by capturing 1 tower on 2, do it, your enemies will thanks you. So there is 3 zones: The front start as the entire map, so if you guys want to rush a tower, sure you can do it. Interests of the offside: I will edit this post if needed. Thank you for reading.

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We Happy Few is preparing to launch later this month, Players Reporting Matchmaking, Server Issues. Nintendo Direct Rescheduled for Tomorrow, Details Revealed. In order to further enhance our services and in addition to our Server-Sided Anti-Cheat we are happy to announce that we are rolling out Easy Anti-Cheat on our servers. In the beginning, it will be a requirement for all tournaments before it gradually becomes a requirement for every single game played at the PvPRO servers.

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