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Discussion "There are four kinds of lies: If the grid lines were several shades lighter however Perhaps showing the population growth of a species, then when the growth levels out at the maximum sustainable level for its environment I forget the proper term from high school biology showing more detail of the small population changes or something like that?

Even if you explain to the reader that the scale changes mid-way, it would still be misleading on the subconscious level. For data modeling, Semi-log can help you detect if outliers affect your model or if your p-hacking based on outliers. For a given programming language or software, semi-log plot has had their place when you were not able to do quantile-quantile plot, heteroskedasticity plots, etc.

However, there now are easily accessible specific heteroskedasticity and outlier functions in R and cookbooks in python that would allow you test for outliers and data dredging more rigorously than semilog plots. Does anyone know of any applications of semilog plots are still used for a specific science today? This can also cause the sudden data jump.

There are no Y-axis labels and values, the x-axis dates are questionable, and the data points are even more questionable, resembling linear growth at really convenient spots.

Fox News misleading graph I think you were onto something about the X-axis being logarithmic. X-axis AND Y-axis are both logarithmic. The trick is to realize that the X-axis is reversed. This I think really highlights an important point that Randall is making with this comic: Whether you exaggerate tick marks to the range to data or adjust ticks to a range outside of the data, you ultimately skew the meaning of the plot Both Y-axis trick and log-scaling are bad.

You can reproduce this plot using the symlog function in python. This is my first time posting in this wiki, so I am not sure if I should edit the page to include this example. Here is a link: You might notice that you can also do this R; however, it is intentionally much harder to do because of the very point Randall is making. Turns out our eyes for color expect this kind of scaling distortion.

Waterfall charts are so bad, that their is saying in business, "Waterfall charts are how you lie to stakeholders". Here is a deeper explanation:

[Graph within a frame. The x-axis is unlabeled, with, in addition to the vertical line representing the y-axis, six straight vertical grid lines, evenly spaced, each corresponding to one . Mar 31, Not to be nit-picky, but the graph in the comic is not a symmetric graph, it isn't even regular.

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