Dating a new yorker guy

In the interval the Internet happened and that changed everything. Back in the day when I was in college in New York I met guys in person at bars and clubs. I used to have pick-up lines, and I learned which ones worked best by trial and error. What usually worked well was to compliment the guy on his clothes: Or just see how often I get complimented on my shoes. Occasionally the guy would write down his number on the back of his business card, but I only remember that happening with hairdressers.

The goal was to get two or three phone numbers in one night, and over a whole weekend, at least four or five. Each number boosted my ego a bit more, and the more numbers I got the more chances I had for dates during the week. There the pick-up rules were way different. You had to send an emissary. I learned this the hard way: I thought it was because I was reaching for guys out of my league, but once I started making Taiwanese friends they explained to me how it worked. Then Lulu signaled for me to come over and introduced me: Soon enough I learned how to play both parts: While the whole arrangement at first seemed complicated eventually I saw the benefits.

Whereas when you have a diplomatic go-between doing an introduction it makes the whole thing a social affair. Things worked the same way in Italy. He could only do that if he actually knew someone in the grupetto. In fact I figured out that part of what made a person desirable was how big his little qun was.

Having a group of people around you made it look like you were someone everyone wanted to be around. It also made it seem like you knew everybody at the bar and had arrived at that mysterious social level where you no longer met guys in bars but only at private parties and VIP-style events.

Being popular often means less scraps of paper with phone numbers in the mother-of-pearl box. This is when I started to notice the difference between American guys and Italian guys.

Where do you live? Italians know how to romance you. They do this by trying to confuse you. They do this on purpose to see how it makes you react. If you get angry they know that you like them and so they keep on doing it so they can enjoy seeing how tortured you get.

My boyfriend Adriano was always the one who did it to me, try to make me jealous. But once when I started to feel like he was losing interest in me, I decided to pretend I was checking out other guys. Adriano lost his temper and accused me of being unsteady in my love for him.

I begged and pleaded, and got to the verge of crying. Even when I initiated the game of jealousy, it was always him who got proof of my affection. Another thing that was different about Italians was there was no such thing as dating.

Of course this thrilled me, because I had only been out with Adriano three times, and he was always making a point of how he thought every guy in the world was hot except me, which left me really confused about our dating status.

But now I had confirmation from my Italian friends that Adriano and I had flown past the whole dating thing and were now, well, engaged. Suddenly I found the way he was trying to make me jealous all the time charming, because we were officially fidanzati. After Italy I came to London.

I had a boyfriend for a year and a half but he was Spanish, which perhaps puts him in the Mediterranean category like all the Italians, although actually Jon was Basque, which puts him in a category all his own. There was one guy with a mustache who was really handsome. So I asked him: I was ready to marry him.

From his Twitter page there was a link to his blog, and that was what really turned me on. I loved the way he wrote.

Of course not everyone puts his Twitter handle on his Scruff profile. A lot of guys put their Instagram handle. The difference between Twitter and Instagram for me is like the difference between picture books and non-illustrated books. I think the same thing happens with dating. No more picture-book guys for me. But the difference between gay dating now and 13 years ago is that before I used to pick up guys by saying I liked their sneakers.

Now I pick up guys by saying I like how they write. The Internet is good for something. Like what you read? Griffin a round of applause. From a quick cheer to a standing ovation, clap to show how much you enjoyed this story.

15 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone From New York City. Even if a guy swears he doesnít watch, heíll still totally end up watching if you have it on to be able to comment on how that is so nothing like Brooklyn but that Ėthat!- is everything Brooklyn. With a New Yorker, you will always know where you stand. You Can. Things You Should Know Before Dating a New Yorker. here are a few things you need to know before dating a New Yorker. Donít say you werenít warned. a guy asked me to meet him at 13th.

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