Hawaii dating scene

Aarif You are right. The bottoms need to accept truth and not complain. I am saying this becos I am a bottom too. And yes i am submissive and enjoy being used and so i dont complain about it. I am happy with what i get from tops and how i am treated i enjoy it Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?

Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices? I am not taking side on tops here.. I am well aware of the fact that tops uses bottoms, myself being a vers, has been a victim. You let the top dominate you, pay him, let him treat you like a slave and abuse you.

My question is, if he is abusing, then why are you letting him to abuse you My point is quite clear.. If some body keeps on abusing you, and you are tolerating that for your own lustful needs, then I would say problem lies in yourself first.. Ppl are of varied interests.. I am aware of the fact that, guys , specially tops and straights abuse and use bottoms.. And the major reason for that is,apart the lack of self respect, submissiveness, desperation from bottom guys..

I know this would stirr up anger from many , but its better to accept the truth and solve the issue, rather than avoiding it.. All I am trying to say is: Dog barks at you, bites you and threatens you.. Why dont to kick out the dog, and teach him a lesson rather than complaining? The issue is the superiority complex tht sm guys harbour in their mind abt roles etc. I mean, look there are straight guys who look down upon gay guys.

Not accepted but understood. Personally i wudnt let any bastard treat me with disdain, but i know there are other ppl in our community, who may not be as strong or vocal or aggressive in expressing themselves. Doesnt mean anyone treat them bad. Thts just plain wrong. Dont blame them by saying they bring it upon themselves. That is an unfortunate comment Aarif Abuse or humiliation in sexual context is very different from discrimination based on sexual role and gender expressions.

Discrimination is non consensual. Anyone for weekend trips Delhi nearby cities

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