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Now, as the Corvette prepared to turn 40, Chevrolet decided to honor the milestone by releasing a special edition Corvette to pay homage to the American legend. When Harley Earl first envisioned his two-seat roadster in , it is unlikely that even he would have been able to fathom the long term commercial success the Corvette would achieve.

Both on the road and on the racetrack, the Corvette had demonstrated again and again that it could compete with some of the fiercest automotive competitors from around the world. From its earliest days racing against the Porsche at the 24 Hours of LeMans to competing at some of the most grueling road courses of the day, the Corvette had become a world leader that had celebrated decades long victories in sales, showmanship and performance.

While the official 40th Anniversary Edition Corvette was ordered by many Corvette purists to celebrate the momentous occasion, there was another Corvette package offered in that catered more to the performance fanatics. Florida-based Greenwood Automotive Performance unveiled a bolstered Corvette coupe. When this special edition Corvette was run with the throttle full open, the Corvette could accelerate from zero-to miles per hour in just 3.

Additionally, when running fully open, the Corvette could hit and maintain a speed of miles per hour. Sadly, the base model coupes received virtually no cosmetic upkeep from the previous model year but with just two exceptions: First, while the wheels on the Corvette included the same rotary cut pattern as that of the Corvette , the wheels still reflected a different physical appearance because they were machined differently than the wheels found on the Corvette.

The ZR-1 Chevy Corvette received a huge power boost jumping 15 horsepower from hp to hp. Torque was also improved from lb-ft to lb-ft. This was accomplished through porting changes on the head and valvetrain, an electric EGR valve improving emissions, platinum tipped spark plugs, and four bolt main bearing caps. Additionally, the Corvette would be the last model year that consumers could order cloth seats as an option, and it was a sound decision on the part of GM to eliminate this RPO from all future models, especially given the fact that only Corvettes were ordered with that option.

Finally, the size of the front wheels on the base model Corvette coupe and convertible were reduced in size from 9. While new, these tires did utilize a similar tread pattern as in earlier models, though the tires designed for the Corvette were better equipped to handle the cornering stresses that occurred on both the inner and outer edges of the tire. Mechanically the Corvette Coupe also remained virtually unchanged, although some small, but significant improvements had been made to make the Corvette continually more competitive on the racetrack.

First, the heat shield design was changed from a single piece stamping to a two-piece sandwich type shield that was self-damping. Second, the LT-1 camshaft exhaust lobe profile was modified to reduce the exhaust valve closing velocity. Additionally, a shortening of the inlet stroke duration allowed a longer exhaust stroke duration with no increase in overlap area between the two strokes. Third, new thermostat polyester valve covers replaced the magnesium covers.

These covers were isolated from the heads by a gasket in the normal location, but also by gaskets under the heads of the mounting hardware. Perhaps one of the most notable improvements to the Corvette was the introduction of a passive keyless entry PKE system. When a driver approached the Corvette, the PKE would unlock the doors, turn on the interior lights, and deactivate the theft deterrent system. Coupes that were equipped with the PKE system included an extra button on the transmitter that would unlock the rear hatch.

Given the overall lack of ZR-1 sales, many questioned the decision to improve upon the performance of the LT5 engine at all, though most critics agreed that doing so would again increase the performance gap between the ZR-1 and the base coupe, putting the ZR-1 back in a class of its own.

Additional modifications were made to the LT5 as well including the introduction of four bolt main bearings, platinum tipped sparkplugs, an electrical, linear EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation system for improved emission control and the requirement of using Mobil 1 synthetic oil as the only spec compliant engine lubricant.

These improvements would help propel the ZR-1 to set a new top speed record of miles per hour, which was faster than any other unmolested Corvette ever. Despite the absence of notable, physical changes to the design of the car, the overall sales numbers of the Corvette actually increased over previous years. A total of 21, Corvettes were manufactured and sold, marking the first model year in four years to actually witness an increase in its numbers.

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