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Can I assign one static IP to share on this router? Altiris Oct 13, , 1: The tz is also the first thing behind my modem. What I want to do is hook up a switch to the modem so that the switch becomes first thing behind modem and hookup the tz to one interface on the switch and this router which is a Linksys E on another interface on the switch but to have the linksys so it shares one external static IP like the sonicwall tz does. How do I go about doing this? The one static IP address will have to go on the interface that connects to the outgoing connection.

For example on the "WAN" interface on your linksys router and that "WAN" interface connects to your modem and goes out. Once that is established it will share that one static IP address with all interfaces connected to the "LAN" ports on your router these are actually switch ports built into that router.

From there you can connect the switch to one of the LAN ports. Now, another interesting thing here is that Sonicwall. Is that a VPN you have to another site that you may have or if people dial into it? If you need to have both, best thing I would do is keep the Sonicwall directly connected to the modem since it may act as a entry point for VPN connections to your network. That will cause one of the following: IP address conflict where neither works IP address conflict where the first device gets the IP and second one to get detected by the network is just screwed.

However here is the issue with the sonicwall. I want to be separated from the sonic wall. My friend and I each have our own "servers" which in the past were both connected to the Tz Long story short, the tz stops giving out Internet every day at 6pm for about 30min or until it is manually resetted, it also disconnects people from minecraft or ftp when I am transferring files. Its just a hassle, theres something wrong with it. I know this because the current setup of my network is my server connected to the linksys e, which the linksys is the first thing behind the modem configured in bridge mode, and then the sonic wall tz is behind the e I believe via the WAN port and I have no disconnecting issues what so ever on my server.

I hope I am being clear and understandable, thanks for helping btw.

Allocated and Reserved AS blocks. Source: IANA AS Registry AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBERS (last updated ) The Autonomous System (AS) numbers are used by various routing protocols. Jul 30, Hello,I see that among my network connections a WAN mini-port, though disabled and apparently having no function. Can I safely delete it without consequence, and what is it? Does it install.

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