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On March 5, , it was announced that Fox would not pick up the series for a second season. The plot involves humans from the post-apocalyptic future traveling through a time portal to live in an Alternate Universe maybe; see below that resembles the Late Cretaceous.

From what we see in the first episode, all life on Earth is dying in the future and so the people have gone through the portal to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. The premise is an Excuse Plot to have dinosaurs and humans interacting on a television show. The showrunners promised that the show would take pains to prevent upsetting dinosaur fans. Enterprise episode of the same name , which Braga co-wrote and produced. Tropes featured in this work include: When the Shannons get to Terra Nova, one of the soldiers nearly slashes open with a knife the backpack their youngest daughter is hiding in.

The only episodes in which they have a real role are filler episodes; even then they barely appear because the CGI budget needed to show them off would be ridiculously high for a television show. Boylan is more of an Affable Jerk Ass than deliberately evil, although he is collaborating with the Sixers.

May cross over into Jerkass with a Heart of Gold territory, as of the finale. He certainly prefers Taylor to the Phoenix Group, and is one of the very first to welcome him back to Terra Nova. It is suggested that Boylan for his part wanted to be a good soldier and report the incident but Taylor wanted to protect the colony and bribed him to keep quiet. The end result being the current situation between the two. The future is so polluted the sky is nothing but smog.

The characters also mention the stars being different although this is not reflected in the visual since there are no visible stars. All Animals Are Dogs: The Nykoraptor from "The Runaway" was seen wagging its tail while trying to attack Jim, who was suspended from a rope trap this is particularly unusual as raptors have very stiff tails.

All Animals Are Domesticated: We are told that Terra Nova exists in a different timestream than our Earth, which is why they can safely go back in time without creating all sorts of horrible time paradoxes. Various hints indicate the reality of the situation is far more complex.

In "What Remains", a scientists attempts to cure an Alzheimer-like disease using a viral vector and accidentally makes it contagious instead.

Curran nearly gets away with murder by luring a Nykoraptor into a remote bunker and locking it in, the night before his victim goes to take up his post there. A giant dragonfly is used by the Sixers to spy on Terra Nova.

They lure it in using specific colors and vibrations, and a microchip attached to its body records information. Taylor is shot by a Sixer and he basically just shakes it off.

The moon was a bit closer to Earth , 85 million years ago, but, unless the portal in time also displaced them in space and put them far nearer to the equator to create an optical effect, the Moon was barely distinguishable from the way it looks now. When a crow-sized animal with hollow bones flies into people and clothing racks at full speed, more likely this will kill the animal, not fling things 40 times their weight into the air.

There is no way an animal as bulky and heavily built as a slasher could run 45 mph. The symbol used extensively in media material and in-Universe by the expedition features the supercontinent Pangaea in a configuration from the Triassic Period, millions prior to the setting. By 85 million years ago Gondwana was almost entirely broken up and much of Laurasia was covered in intercontinental shallow seaways. The final episode does appear to acknowledge that the world is not just one big landmass at this point.

When the Phoenix officers are discussing the planned detonation of the charges that will strip away the vegetation and animal life, they use a map image showing multiple detonations across a large land-mass and comment that the dozen or so detonations will clear half the continent. The Sixer camp has avoided detection and stayed hidden for years, despite the fact that the spy in Terra Nova can leave and get to it on foot without well-worn paths, then return to Terra Nova all within a workday.

In reality that would place it really close. Anachronism Stew and Misplaced Wildlife can be applied to basically every dinosaur present and several other animals i. In an unusual inversion of portraying dinosaurs with insufficient plumage, the Carnotaurus is seen with highly developed feathers even though it is well known Carnotaurus had no feathers.

And even if it did, its feathers would still be primitive. Most of the theropods also have pronated hands. Some of the inaccuracies are possibly justified, since the show may or may not take place in a separate time stream, where resemblances to our own time stream would be purely superficial.

The opening shot of the first episode begins near the Apollo footprints on the Moon, pans up to reveal the smoggy yellow Earth That Used to Be Better , zooms down to the Chicago skyline, past a mag-lev train, and into an apartment building window where we find Jim Shannon returning home from work with his breathing mask on.

The first season finale shows that the Shannons definitely are one. When Taylor is ambushed by Mira and taken hostage, he runs into a grove of explosive plants. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Lucas thinks of himself as one. Beware My Stinger Tail: Slashers are famed for the barbs on the ends of their tails. Promotional materials suggested that they could cleave a human in half, but in the show, all they can do is make lacerations. However, the show tries to make it more realistic by having the slashers generally leap at their prey headfirst with claws outstretched, rather than use their tails.

A later episode confirms that only males have these barbs and that they are mostly used in fights between males, rather than as a hunting implement. Lucas Taylor, whose main goal is to show up his father in revenge for perceived guilt.

More plausible than most instances of this trope, three-foot long centipedes. And leeches that get very big when sucking blood.

You have to figure the latter are adapted to feeding on very large animals, so Justified—Zoey told him the duress word and where they were. To a lesser extent, the Carnotaurus that the Shannons use to infiltrate Hope Plaza and cut off Terra Nova from the present day.

The orange in the first episode. The season begins with the Shannons coming to Terra Nova and ends with them returning to Terra Nova, complete with the same sound track. Zig-zagged with famous geologist Horton.

Maddy is torn on whether or not to believe him, but her mother points out that the real one took the time to respond to a hand-written letter in a No-Paper Future with a letter of his own. Taylor decides not to execute Curran, a soldier he previously exiled for murder.

Instead, he appoints his former subordinate to be his spy among the Sixers. Justified by being that badass. Averted with the teenagers. After Jim and Taylor identify the spy, Taylor and Skye play chess. He pauses the game to discuss a choice bit of intel with a subordinate, than says, "Your move.

Jim immediately twigs that the real reason Elisabeth was chosen to come to Terra Nova was because Malcolm intended to seduce her, knowing that her husband was imprisoned back in the future. Hence his shock upon realising Jim broke out and came back with them. Nathaniel Taylor, who goes one on one with a carnotaur as a distraction.

Taylor survived days alone in the Cretaceous. Of course, they got sent out with hundreds of people, a fair amount of supplies, and still lost a lot of people before they learned. Taylor was sent alone with whatever he was carrying, and survived without aid. His second-in-command, Washington, is no slouch in the badass department herself. Basically what Terra Nova is.

I had three friends who killed themselves in my junior year. No one believes they have a future, no one believes in anything anymore Pretty much anyone can do this to Lucas, as every time he gets into a fight his opponent gives him a thorough beating that he so justly deserves. Plenty of set-ups for a second half-season are in place, including the stranded Phoenix Group soldiers and the 18th-century artifact they found in the Badlands, but the second season was never picked up.

The colony suffers a swarm of horny pterodactyls AND a meteorite that fries every electrical circuit in camp, rendering guns, lights, and all but the most primitive medical equipment useless. Department of Redundancy Department: Or rather, Jungle Punk; the show has the general feel, especially regarding the Sixers, but the setting is the tropical Cretaceous.

Earth That Used to Be Better: The Phoenix Group, or as Lucas puts it "The best army money can buy. Taylor and Mira end up working together to fend off a pair of territorial slashers. Even Evil Has Standards: When Weaver cruelly shoots down a brachiosaur for no reason Lucas, of all people, seems to feel that this is an unnecessary course of action.

But gunning down innocent animals without a good reason is where he draws the line. So why not make it the Late Cretaceous and fill it with dinosaurs? Seems to be a running theme. And his Corrupt Corporate Executive backers are perfectly willing to deforest the entire planet and kill every living thing on it for no better reason than monetary gain.

The Sixers stated to Josh that if he helped them, their bosses would get his girlfriend to Terra Nova; they do, along with a bomb that kills her as she enters. The Sixers sure sound a whole awful lot like The Others. You are on Terra Nova! The Shannon family has been likened to the Simpsons.

Most of the fictional dinosaurs are expies of real dinosaurs: Velociraptor again, as mentioned above, though of the fictionalized Jurassic Park variety.

Ornitholestes or some other small, primitive coelurosaur. And the Ancestral Komodo Dragon, although not a dinosaur, is an expy of Dilophosaurus and Dimetrodon. How else to explain Lucas getting shot twice and then somehow escaping cleanly despite being mere feet away from both Taylor and Skye?

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