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You will feel veryc omfortable and confident in the process because we know each of them. We like to say that we fast-track fate! It simply makes sense to have a matchmaker screen and assess people on your behalf no wasting time dating people you have no idea about. There are many criteria you need to consider when seeking a suitable partner values, character, interests, history, goals and this is vital information you will know before you even meet one of our clients.

We take the guess work out of dating! As with all of our clients, we will spend time with you building your profile, assessing your requirements and expectation in a relationship and life partner, and then seek suitable candidates for you to meet and choose. How does it work?

First you schedule a discreet, confidential interview with our appointed consultant. There will be one or two hours interview to enable us to carefully match what you look for in a potential partner. Then, we match you with other candidates who are compatible with your personalities, values, interests and aspirations for the future.

How are clients matched? We filter to identify and propose the choices of candidates for you based upon the information we discussed in the interview. We can match you with lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, bankers and many more. Our consultants and coordinators having years of experiences and create matches based on personalities and physical requirements or preferences. How is the date arranged? Once we have shortlisted a match for you, we will contact you by phone to go through the full details profile of the proposed candidate with you.

Our consultant can only propose the choices for you, you can make the choice yourself. We respect your confidentiality and only give out your first name, never revealing your address, phone number or company name. We give you a concise description of your potential date and why we think this match is appropriate. Everything we know about you is taken into consideration for this process.

How and where do I meet my date? The only work you need to do is to show up at the selected venue and enjoy the date. We handle every step. If your schedule makes meeting for lunch difficult, we can arrange for a dinner after work or even brunch,hi-tea at the weekend.

Our goals are that the match is well-suited and the time and place are convenient for both of you. At the end of the date, you can exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to get together again. Following each date, we have to call both matchers for feedback on each other. Beside this, our consultants will do the continous progress review on those successful courting relationships drive towards their successful marriage.

Many of our first dates result in second dates. These second dates have resulted from friendship towards courtship. We also get invited to many engagement parties and wedding dinners!!!

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