Advice for white girl dating asian guy

Asian tattoos are a great conversation starter with women! Should you encounter these loquacious ladies, gentlemen, I propose an awesome sexual bantering tip because every woman wants to be cultured. You, as a cosmopolitan man of the world, are going to teach her a phrase in your language. Wo xi huan gou pa shi. After she laughs off her embarrassment, use your phrases to compliment her.

Keep going but turn it from playful to romantic. Be sure to utilize it if you know your mother tongue! Her best friend is Chinese. Her college roommate was Korean. She lived next door to a Vietanemse family. Some of the most beautiful Asian men groupies follow the martial arts circuit, the martial Arts circuit, and similar sports-oriented social circles.

You have a winner! She Loves Asian Food: The sweet taste of jasmine rice, the aroma of a steaming bowl of pho, the appealing colors of nigiri sushi, the crackling sound of cooking your own Korean BBQ, and the cold, soft texture of delicious sashimi are stimulating and even arousing topics.

Because speaking of food like this is sensual…just like sex. It applies to beautiful women too. Play into these fantasies when you can. Paint a picture about going on a vacation together.

Start with romantic depictions of you doing things together, then progress to sensual and end up with sexual. We have to open that door first through verbal imagery progression. Use her desire to your advantage.

Kpop, Jrock, dramas and movies — this kind of girl is infatuated with the Hollywood of the East. Or even Chinese for that matter.

Take her up on it when she does by putting your forearm up to hers, or if you feel more comfortable or if the conversation is going well, take her hand to point out the contrasting tones.

Intangible things like intelligence, family, work ethic, second language are not uncommon topics either. Just as we were little boys, we do melt under the praise of a beautiful woman. She Loves Hapa Interracial Babies: Look at the adorable interracial hapa baby! You can bring this up as well. Trust me, anytime a girl has ever told me she had an Asian boyfriend before, I can pretty much romantically connect with her So a white girl like that will say that she has dated an Asian man before.

Remember the 1 Rule: When you do meet that beautiful girl, always leave the woman better than you found her! Which means instead of being a confident, masculine Asian man willing to take risks who would then naturally attract these women be they white, black or Latina and playing the Asian Card to get the beautiful woman , he instead turns into the Asian beta male who is only confident if it is instead the woman who takes the initial risk.

Laugh your way into her heart and then her pants! As you can see, I am a very average looking man. I am a short 5 foot 5 inches and I know I am not a good looking or handsome guy.

I never get those kind of indicators of interest or signals of attraction.

I receive thousands of emails from my fans asking for interracial dating advice for Asian men and the #1 question that gets asked is, “How do I know if she (usually a white girl, but not always) is interested in dating Asian men?. As your Asian Dating Coach, however, I’m finally answering the question simply because its been asked so many . Feb 11,  · WHITE GIRL DATING AN ASIAN MAN! | My Experience STEPANKA. Tips For Asian Men Dating White Women - Duration: WOULD YOU DATE AN ASIAN GUY.

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