Dating someone with psychotic depression

Not sure of other pairings, yet. Another chapter to tide you guys over! To tell the truth, this chapter was not the one I was looking forward to writing but the next. So for those who are unsatisfied with this chapter, sorry! Enjoy Niwasae Shiina "So, this is the place huh? It was the day of the chunin exams and Team 7 paused to stare at the building that would either move them on in life or be stuck with each other for another 6 months.

Naruto glared at him. Sakura just sighed and muttered something about "boys…" and walked into the building first. Naruto and Sasuke followed in more slowly. Naruto sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Sasuke looked at him questioningly. They handed in their forms with, the waiting, Sakura and went to stand with the other genin teams.

Naruto sighed and resigned himself to the fact that Sasuke would most likely be part of his family if things continue the way they are. Speaking of family, this brought Naruto to think about Uchiha Itachi and he chuckled slightly. Sasuke turned to him with a brow raised. Sasuke was staring after Naruto with widened eyes that showed shock and denial. Sakura frowned and looked to Sasuke who grunted and followed Naruto.

They reached the third floor without any other problems and saw Kakashi leaning against the exam room. Naruto and Sasuke narrowed their eyes. Kakashi stared at his students as they stared back. It was silent for a minute before Kakashi rubbed the back of his head with a smile. They walked inside the exam room and were met by various glares.

Naruto, already irritated, focused his killer intent on the genin staring at them until they shrunk back a couple feet. They turned away and the tension in the room got worse. Naruto blinked and turned to face his friend and smiled.

Inuzuka Kiba forced his way through the group of genin, with his team, to get to Naruto. As Master in your relationship, you should take charge and punis-ahem-teach him the rules. Akamaru gave a bark which had Kiba glaring at his aibou partner. Shino nodded in agreement while Hinata blushed at the implication and stared from Kiba to Akamaru with a considering look.

He sat down next to the glasses wearing boy and ignored the stares he was getting from his friends. My name is Uzumaki Naruto. He stared at the blond a little longer then necessary then looked down at his exam paper. Naruto turned in his seat and beamed at the adorable redhead. Gaara seemed to shrink in his chair as he tried to slide down as much as possible while still being visible enough to write the answers down on his paper. Of all the seats that psycho could choose, why there?!

The 10th question will be asked after the time is up. If I or any of the proctors in the room catches you trying to trying to cheat, you will automatically get disqualified along with your team. The brat was smiling in that foxy manner that only spelled trouble. His inner child sat in a corner with his knees to his chest while a cloud of depression hanged over his head.

He knew that Gaara was using a high class jutsu by the bloodlust coming off from him. There in bold letters were the words: Naruto smirked and shifted his paper towards his right where he knew that Gaara could see his paper. It sounded suspiciously like Shukaku, but he ignored it since it was impossible. Shukaku was trapped in Gaara after all.

When he looked around, he saw that many genin teams were already disqualified, but there were still too many. Before I ask the question, however, you have the option to either leave now and take the chunin exams again in 6 months, or answer the question.

But, if you get it wrong you will be stuck as genin for the rest of your life. The entire room was full of noise as the genin made their complaints loud and clear.

Ibiki slammed his hand down on the front desk to silence them. If I hear another word from anyone that is not leaving the room, I will disqualify you. Many more teams left within the next 15 minutes.

She wanted to leave and take the exam next time. The only reason she was here right now was because Sasuke and Naruto wanted to take the exams. She was about to raise stand when she felt her heart stop. Her face turned pale and her hands started shaking. Her heart was beating fast not unlike a frightened rabbit. There was something dangerous in the room and it just targeted her as prey. She looked around and froze when she saw Naruto staring at her. She saw his lips moved and thanked Kami that the academy taught the students to lip-read.

Chills swept down her spine when she saw Naruto smile his trademark fox-like smile. Enough teams were gone so they could move immediately into the Preliminary exams. He waited another 5 minutes, and when no one else left, he smirked. Everyone held their breath except for Naruto who was smiling like no tomorrow.

The room was silent before the leftover teams yelled, "WHAT?! He looked at the boy who pointed to the front. Ibiki was staring at him and waiting for an answer to his question.

Disclaimer: i dun own Naruto or any reference to Gintama and that stolen line from Hetalia-Axis Powers I LOVE YOU IVAN!!!! Another chapter to tide you guys over! [Content note: Suicide. May be guilt-inducing for people who feel like burdens. All patient characteristics have been heavily obfuscated to protect confidentiality.].

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