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In it, a Scorpion wants to cross the river, so he asks a Frog to carry him across the river on its back. The Frog declines, pointing out that the Scorpion is poisonous, and will kill the Frog. The Scorpion counters that the Frog will be in no danger, because if the Scorpion stings the Frog during the watery journey, both will perish. The Scorpion climbs onto the Steampunk Frog. Yeah, I kinda dig Steampunk. Buying this logic, the Frog agrees, allowing the Scorpion onto its back, and swims across the river.

Only when they reach the middle of the river, the Scorpion stings the Frog. This footage was retrieved from a Chase ATM across the stream. The moral to this tale: First off, Scorpions live in deserts. Begging the question, what the fuck is the Scorpion doing in a forest, and why the hell does he want to cross the river? Does he have a picnic date under the Willow tree with the Spider? They use their tails to kill prey, or defend themselves. Ever see a Scorpion eat a big-ass Frog?

But at least my version is fucking logical. A bit flawed, but better than the original. Messing with this fat F is a cry for help. Now we both sink to our doom, ha ha ha!!! We all know this guy. Because the Scorpion clearly is a Meth head. Totally out of its fucking mind, driven from its desert home by pissed off family and friends, tired of dealing with its fucked up Breaking Bad shit.

Never even exposed to alcohol, let alone a messed up, poisonous predator off its rocker on crank. Taught from a Tadpole to believe in helping your fellow forest critter, and to wear special underwear. Are you familiar with the works of Joseph Smith? It has to be the real story. And the Moral of the story: Meth heads should stay out of Utah.

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