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About people in the New York City area saw the Rangers win, Regularly scheduled American network broadcasts of NHL games would not begin until the late s, when CBS began carrying regular season games, but no playoff games.

The deal was terminated in , due to a combination of a dispute over the players receiving a share of the rights fee and the then-regional nature of the sport. The network provided coverage of four Sunday afternoon playoff games [5] [6] during the 66 postseason. Win Elliot served as the play-by-play man while Bill Mazer served as the color commentator for the games.

NBC also aired one regular season and a couple of playoff games in prime time during the first couple of seasons. NBC did not broadcast the sixth game of the Finals , in which the Philadelphia Flyers defeated the Buffalo Sabres to clinch their second consecutive championship, played in prime time on a Tuesday night.

Had the Finals gone to a seventh game, NBC would have pre-empted its prime time lineup on a Thursday night to carry that deciding contest. But by that time, the network had informed the NHL that unless ratings for the Finals spiked, it would drop the sport, which it did at the end of the season.

This was due to the fact that no network was willing to commit to a large number of games, in turn, providing low ratings for NHL games. ABC would eventually resume broadcasting regular NHL games on a time-buy basis through ESPN for the 93 season and continuing through the 94 season before Fox took over the broadcast television league rights for the next five seasons.

Marv Albert , [30] and John Davidson called the action, while Mike Emrick served as an ice-level reporter in [31].

Meanwhile, Bill Clement served as an ice-level reporter in [32] , [33] and [34]. This had allowed the Pittsburgh Penguins , which wanted to host an All-Star Game in , [36] to move up three years early. The Skills competition was created by Paul Palmer, who adapted the Showdown feature seen on Hockey Night in Canada from 73 to To accommodate the altered activities, the game itself was played on a Sunday afternoon [40] instead of a Tuesday night, as was the case in previous years.

This allowed NBC to air the game live across the United States marking surprisingly the first time that a national audience would see Wayne Gretzky [41] and Mario Lemieux [42] play. Referees and other officials were also wired with microphones in this game, as were the two head coaches. Finally, NBC was also allowed to conduct interviews with players during stoppages in play, to the chagrin of the Hockey Night in Canada crew, whose attempts to do likewise were repeatedly denied by the league in previous years.

In , [43] NBC broke away [44] [45] from the telecast in the third period [46] to televise a briefing from The Pentagon involving the Gulf War. NHL officials had arranged a four- to eight-game, time-buy package on NBC, but that fell through when the NHL wanted assurance that all NBC affiliates would carry the games since , NBC has generally gotten all but a couple of affiliates in the Top markets to carry the games.

The plan called for NBC to air at least six weeks of regular season games three regional games each week on Saturday afternoons.

In addition, NBC was to show one or two playoff games per weekend during the playoffs. Unlike previous network television deals with the NHL like Fox , which had the rights from to and ABC , which had the rights from to , NBC paid no upfront rights fee, instead splitting advertising revenue with the league after meeting its own production and distribution costs.

On the other hand, the league avoided the arrangement some minor sports leagues have, in which they pay networks for broadcast time and produce their own telecasts, but keep any advertising revenue. The last time NBC Sports entered a television deal which did not require it to pay any rights fees was in , when the division was involved in the Major League Baseball joint venture called " The Baseball Network. NBC also decided to give one of the slots back to local affiliates, some of which filled the time given back to them with infomercials.

The network also scheduled ten coverage windows during the playoffs not including the Stanley Cup Finals. The additional broadcasts were expected to replace the Arena Football League , which NBC dropped after the season. NBC also produced two games per week in high definition, up from one in Games started at various times, ranging from A new Sunday Night Football -esque horizontal score banner, designed by Troika Design Group , also debuted during the season.

The Stanley Cup Final was also notable for its exceptionally poor television ratings in the United States. Games 1 and 2 were carried by cable channel Versus , then a new and little known player on the sports television scene. Game 1 produced a 0. It was the 58th best rated program of that day. Game 2 produced a 0. It was the 74th best rated program of that day. A perennial last among the Big Four American television networks, NBC was at the time going through an intense period of ratings turmoil, setting lowest rated week records in several viewing categories over the course of Spring Game 4 achieved a 1.

Local numbers did improve as the series moved to NBC. The Cup-clinching Game 5 drew a 6. A typical "Triple Crown" horse racing broadcast generally contains about two hours of pre-race coverage, with the actual races lasting two or three minutes. The move was originally seen not only as a snub of small-market teams such as the Sabres , but of hockey in general.

However, NBC and the NHL later revealed that the Preakness deal had been made several years before and contained mandatory advertising commitments during the pre-race build-up. Both sides could have agreed that the entire game would air only on Versus or begin earlier in the day, but the NHL wanted at least one Eastern Conference Finals game to air on NBC, and said that it does not schedule with the assumption that games will go into overtime.

Moreover, an earlier start time could not be arranged because the broadcast window was fixed in advance, and both the NHL and NBC needed the flexibility to pick the Western Conference Finals for that window if they so desired.

Before the game, Bill Clement advised the audience that in the event that the game went into overtime, it would be televised on Versus, or OLN as it was known at the time. The Sabres won the game in regulation. Since the league made network coverage a priority in the s, regionalized coverage had been the norm; NBC is the first network to attempt to regularly present one game to the entire country. Additionally, studio segments began to originate from the game site instead of 30 Rockefeller Center.

All game telecasts also began to be produced in i high definition. While never expected to beat or directly compete with football ratings, the timing was designed to take advantage of the large audience flipping between channels to watch the different bowl games.

Although originally maligned as a mere publicity stunt by some in the media, the Winter Classic drew a 2. In April , NBC announced the activation of its option to retain broadcasting rights for the 09 season. During the Stanley Cup playoffs , broadcasting a game involving a Canadian team might be unavoidable. NBC has the first choice of games and times on its scheduled broadcast dates.

Like its predecessors, NBC frequently chooses games with a focus on about six teams: The relation has very little correlation with team success; for instance, the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup in , and the Buffalo Sabres made it to the conference finals in both and Those teams received one and two potential games respectively in the season, compared to the seven potential games given to the Rangers and the four games which could include the rival Philadelphia Flyers.

In a press release announcing this schedule, NBC stated that "every U. The Flyers are tied for second despite missing the playoffs during the previous season. The Anaheim Ducks, who advanced to the conference finals during the previous season, will only make 4 appearances, while the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks, who both missed the playoffs, will appear 10 and 11 times, respectively.

The four other Canadian teams Calgary Flames , Ottawa Senators , Vancouver Canucks , and Winnipeg Jets , who did each advance to the playoffs during the previous season, will not appear. For the season, NBC announced that it would re-brand its Wednesday Night Rivalry broadcasts as Wednesday Night Hockey, and stated that it would feature a wider variety of teams including all-Canadian games with a focus on showcasing star players rather than league "rivalries" which frequently induced broadcasts of the aforementioned teams.

During each game, NBC takes one player from each team and clocks how long that player is out on the ice each time he comes out for a shift. In addition to providing color commentary, this allows the analyst to observe and report on the benches, as well as interviewing the coaches periodically.

The network broadcast schedule continued to include the Winter Classic, Sunday-afternoon games at Eastern Time, six weekends of playoff action, and broadcasts of Games 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Flyers-Rangers game was aired in the majority of the country, while the Sabres-Capitals game was only seen in the Buffalo and Washington, D. The tripleheader would be completed with the Heritage Classic , for which viewers were redirected to Versus.

The terms of the deal included: The November broadcast is the earliest an NHL regular season game has aired on a broadcast television network in the U. The "Thanksgiving Showdown" game featured the Boston Bruins hosting the New York Rangers; it was widely expected that Boston will remain the home team in future years and launch a holiday tradition for the league and network Boston has hosted matinee games the day after Thanksgiving since the s , much like Detroit and Dallas traditionally host National Football League games on Thanksgiving Day; however, NBC decided to end this tradition for the 15 season, with a Black Friday matinee between the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers being aired instead, while Boston held a locally televised game on the evening of Black Friday in Initially the Classic was expected to be played in primetime, however to date every game has been scheduled for a 1 PM ET start, and due to new competition from the College Football Playoff the game is now expected to remain a daytime game for the foreseeable future.

NBC has instead opted to air one prime time game each year, later in the season, since The deal gives NBC the option of moving Games 3 and 4 to the broadcast network.

While most NHL games on NBCSN are exclusive such as Wednesday Night Hockey , other games carried by the network may be blacked out regionally in favor of television stations or regional sports networks which hold the local broadcast rights to an NHL franchise.

This also applies during the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Complimenting the change, Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk also voiced commentary and other appearances in the game. The annual contest, in which communities compete to demonstrate their commitment to ice hockey, with the winning community being awarded the opportunity to host a nationally televised NHL preseason game, was first held across Canada in This was done to save production costs.

NBC Sports originally planned to repeat its coverage pattern from the last few seasons: Kenny Albert would provide the play-by-play while Joe Micheletti would serve as analyst.

The information you requested is not available at this time, please check back again soon. The Philadelphia Flyers today released their preseason schedule, according to general managerRon Hextall. The Flyers will play an eight-game preseason slate again this year, doing so.

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