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Test and scans Baby scanning pregnancy ultrasound Ultrasound has become a routine part of the care of pregnant women enabling obstetricians and pregnant women insight into the development and appearance of the unborn baby. Early pregnancy scans These scans are performed for several reasons. The age of the pregnancy is easily determined through ultrasound measurement and the presence of one, two or more babies is established.

The examination is usually carried out by scanning through the abdomen but if the pregnancy is very early, scanning via a probe inserted into the vagina may be appropriate transvaginal ultrasound. This scan is of value to any woman who may have concerns about her pregnancy, who is unsure of how far along she is or simply wishes to see the pregnancy progressing.

Click here to find out more. Knowledge of such developmental problems can be invaluable in planning the appropriate care for the pregnancy. Equally, the absence of any abnormalities or problems on the scan can be a source of much re-assurance to the expectant parents. This includes an examination of the major organs such as the brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, kidneys, bladder, upper and lower limbs and genitalia sexing if requested. The examination is best conducted at between 20 and 24 weeks but can be performed at any stage of pregnancy beyond 18 weeks.

Recommendations It is recommended by the HeaIth Technology Assessment, an evaluation carried out by the Health Department of the Scottish Executive published in www. Detailed scans are currently routinely available in some but not all Scottish maternity units.

Limitations It is important to understand that it is not possible to diagnose all abnormalities using ultrasound. If the views are not adequate, this will be explained by the consultant and arrangements made for a repeat examination. In the unusual situation where an abnormality is found or suspected, the significance of this will be explained and a plan of management discussed. Smiling, yawning and sucking is often seen depending on how awake or asleep the baby is.

If it is not possible to obtain satisfactory images which is very unusual for whatever reason then we will make arrangements for a further scan or adjust the charge depending on your preference. A report from the scan is produced as usual. Growth and wellbeing scan When is this done? This scan concentrates on performing measurements of the head, waist, and thigh bone. Find your nearest hospital that provides this test Search by postcode, town or area.

Which screening tests are available privately? Share. Expert Answer. you may need to pay to have it done at a private clinic. Non-invasive prenatal testing A nuchal translucency (NT) ultrasound scan will measure the collection of fluid that sits at the back of your baby's neck. All babies have a collection of fluid here. But babies who. Babybondģ Baby Scan in Bristol from 6 weeks | UK No.1 Ultrasound Provider | Healthcare Professional Led | Book your baby scan at our Bristol Clinic Today! Whether you need a first scan for dating your pregnancy or a fast-result gender scan, we offer a full range of pregnancy scans without charging a premium. Private Health Ultrasound.

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