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Sirius left him far more than a house and some money. Dumbledore is the Dark Lord? And what is he supposed to do with the women he was left? Sometimes, Pranks suck and others they are opportunities. Rated M for suggestive situations. There are votes in the Wizengamot, not Missed that bit and sorry. I will fix it eventually, but not yet.

They had now been here two days. Parvati reflected on this as she waited for Padma to finish setting up her new room. The Bonding had been a wonderful surprise for her. Her mother had told her stories from India about that sort of thing and in most cases it seemed that while the girl in the story eventually had a good life in her new family, the bonding was not pleasant. As it happened, she had wondered why they had been gathered and told at length about what was about to happen to them and wondered yet again about the talk she and Padma had with Hermione and Luna all before Harry had even arrived.

She now thought she understood. The long talk made it far easier to accept this change in her life which in turn made the whole thing magical. It was not how she imagined her first time would be. But now, looking back, she had to admit it probably was better than she ever could imagine.

Harry made it so wonderful and somehow had made it seem like it was meant to be this way; like this was the life she was born to become a part of. To her surprise, Padma felt the same way. Being sorted into a different house from her sister those years ago had been hard at first.

But over time, Parvati understood why it occurred. Of the two of them, she was the more adventurous and outgoing. Padma was the more intellectual and reserved. They were both very smart, not Hermione smart but bright enough and they loved to read. But whereas Padma loved reading about history and magic, Parvati was more into fiction and had developed a taste for romance literature.

She wondered if that would continue now that her life made most of the books she had read appear tame in comparison. Waking up in his arms the morning after was like a dream for her and her sister.

When they told him this he chuckled. He said he dreaded ever sleeping alone again. Ever since that first night with Hermione, he slept exceptionally well and had not suffered the nightmares that had plagued him since well before Hogwarts and which had only gotten worse as school wore on.

Even though both she and Padma knew they had clearly overdone it, despite the polite warning, they both allowed Harry to thank them for the wonderful night again that morning … twice each. Saturday and been spent shopping. Daphne and Astoria took them and the other two "new" witches into Pottersport and they bought more clothes than ever. Parvati was in a sort of heaven as she enjoyed that sort of thing as did Connie apparently. Padma liked the clothes, but merely tolerated the shopping.

It had never been her thing. That trip began their "new" education. They now knew that they were no longer in Britain. It was obvious even if they had not been told. Diagon Alley had become almost too depressing to visit. Yet here, the shops were busy and streets bustling. It was amazing to be in a truly magical country. It was even more amazing to learn that humble, gentle Harry Potter was the Duke. Yet another thing their "husband" had not known until just a few weeks ago and another reason to add to the list of reasons never to return to Britain.

When they arrived back at the Manor, they were shown to their new rooms. In the common room a stack of boxes awaited them. Apparently the Manor Staff had somehow boxed up all of their possessions from home and brought them here. Parvati and her sister were also informed that their parents would be invited to move here soon. Well, not to the Manor itself, but to a town their Harry was building nearby.

That evening, they attended what apparently was a weekly meeting of sorts. It was basically information overload for both of them. Harry was obviously doing far more than bonding witches to him. There were talks about a pending war, the ongoing troubles in Britain and working with the British Muggles that clearly showed the both of them they had missed a lot and would have to spend time catching up.

It was here too that they met the other girls bound to the other families and, while it was one thing to be told about what happened, it was quite another to see it for themselves. It was here too they learned more about the Auction. They had cost their Harry almost fifteen thousand Galleons!

Moreover, they learned, Harry had made it clear to Dora that all of the girls were to be purchased regardless of their price or bid. He was not going to allow others to suffer the fate that had befallen countless unfortunate women in the past.

There was a long report on information obtained about Death Eaters. Several women had been enslaved to them and their supporters and now freed of their bonds told all they knew. The information had little immediate value, but Parvati was stunned to learn that Harry and his people now knew far more about the Death Eaters than did the Ministry of Magic! Obviously they were gathering this information for a reason.

They also learned that Dumbledore owed Harry a terrible amount of money and many seemed disappointed that the man seemed like he might be able to pay. Given that it was Dumbledore who had seen to it she and her sister wound up with Harry, Parvati was almost ready to send him a thank you note. That night she and Padma finally had a chance to talk to each other as sisters.

It was then that Padma told her what she really thought had happened and the notion intrigued Parvati as much as it did her sister. It fit almost perfectly with what their mother had told them and the stories about India. Padma noted, however, that she had looked that up at Hogwarts and found very little of use.

There was a reference that it was "foreign" magic and another that it was "dark," but Padma added that Snake Talkers were considered evil in Britain. She was now of the opinion that "dark magic" in Britain, while it included truly dark arts like necromancy and hate based magics, also included any magic that was deemed to weaken "Purebloods" and the control wizards held over witches. They had not had time to do so on Sunday. The morning was spent out of the Manor at a restaurant Harry took his family to for brunch every Sunday.

It was an interesting and surprisingly fun couple of hours contributing their part to a gift they both thought Harry would like. Following dinner and a little Harry time for themselves and a few others, they were gathered together with all of the witches and got their "presents.

They also had jewelry that would have been the envy of all the girls at Hogwarts, had they returned. They were alone again in their new quarters. Harry had taken Rhonda and Karen to his bed that night and Parvati and Padma learned that she and Padma would be with him Wednesday night. For now, however, it was just the two of them and they both agreed that as bizarre a twist as their lives had taken over the past few days, they were glad about what had happened to them and, once their parents were here as well, they would not want their old lives back for anything.

Harry had spent his Sunday night with Rhonda and Karen. The girl, due in early April, would be named Anna Rose. A simple name, Minerva said, for what she hoped would be a life far less complicated than the one her parents were living. Mallory soon entered and smiled at the gathering. Harry was there with his seventeen other women, all now Potters or Blacks.

Neville was there with his twelve women, nine of whom were now Longbottoms but Neville, Susan and Hannah counted Pattie as a tenth. Bill was there with his twelve, nine of whom were also Weasleys now. Fred was there with his eight Weasley girls and his four younger ones who had yet to take the next bond.

Remus was there with his six women, his Stephanie having become his Consort over the weekend. Only his youngest, Ellie, was not yet a Lupin.

Finally, Frank and Alice were there with their five ladies, four of whom were now Longbottoms. Fred announced his first son would be named John William, because Verity liked the name and he was saving George for Alicia.

Already, our little Frank and Hannah will have Amber and my Harry and Suzanne and loads of others their age to play with. His kids would not be alone either. His Sirius by Mallory and Anna by Minerva would have loads of brothers and sisters their own age and loads of friends as well. First up, Remus Lupin and his Amelia. Stephanie was there to help him calm down. It was clear that becoming a father was not something he had expected in his life given his condition. As you said, your kids will have all kinds of children to play with in time.

Ellen is expecting…" A squeal of delight was heard from the last of the shop girls. Shelly smiled at her twin sister.

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