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Posted on by Support Spy Are you sick of dealing with constant billing errors and service failures? I have spent the last 2 weeks in the U. Perhaps this is a function of a large number of players fighting for customers. A number of smaller players have entered the phone and internet market over the last few years, most notably Acanac and TekSavvy.

I ditched Bell after a long battle over constant billing errors. Even though I had an email with proof of the agreed upon contract, it took escalation to the Executive Office and a threat to pull my business. Due to the lengthy correction process I was unhappy with the service. After the errors were finally corrected, there was nothing offered for my hassle.

I stuck to my guns and switched providers. There are terms to which you must adhere when ending your service with Bell and Rogers. Despite the numerous warnings on forums, I found the process to be rather straightforward. The new provider will take care of it.

I have been a satisfied customer of TekSavvy for almost two years. Their customer service is great and the transition was seamless. They handled the porting of my phone number and service. The whole process was just a matter of filling out an online form and TekSavvy handled the rest. Any inquiries I have emailed to their support have been quickly and accurately answered.

Television When in comes to Television, cable has become less and less relevant, especially for the younger generation. I have been Rogers free for almost 10 years when I realized how expensive cable was getting and what a stranglehold they had on their customers.

I use an over-the-air OTA antenna for my television needs. OTA covers most events and prime-time TV. I am in the Toronto area and receive roughly 25 stations. All newer TVs have HD tuners built-in. I watch a significant amount of television and OTA covers most of my needs. The internet is also an amazing source of television. There is a large library available on U. If there is a show provided by a Canadian network, then head to their site to view. If the show is not provided on a Canadian network, then head to the US web site.

Mobile I have been lucky enough to have a mobile phone provided and paid for by my employer for the last several years. Wind mobile won a key decision that will allow them to play a significant role in wireless that will likely allow more entrants into Canadian mobile. There are no surprise fees or sudden increases, and there are no contracts! Can you share your Rogers or Bell experience? Has anyone else made the switch to another telecom provider?

Has anyone dropped cable for OTA or internet streaming?

76 reviews of TekSavvy Solutions "Decent 3rd party Internet provider for when Shaw and Telus prove to be too much. Their tech support is top notch. Everyone I ever talked to on the phone was very professional, and took care of my needs. The. Contact Groupon Customer Service. Find Groupon Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, Number, Chat and Groupon FAQ. Speak with Customer Service, Call Tech Support, Get Online Help for .

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