Can i hook up a sprint phone to metro pcs

This guide will explain the process of flashing phones to Metro PCS, for educational purposes only. Before we dive into the process; its important to give some background information.

It is only available in select cities with only select phones. Please click the link above for more information. A Quick Rule of Thumb: What does it mean to Flash a phone?

Flashing a phone refers to re-programming a phone to work on another carriers service. Both of which refer to the same definition. The short answer is Yes. The phone must have been purchased before January 26th, It is illegal to unlock any phone purchased after January 26th, in USA. The owner of the phone must be the one initiating the unlocking for the purpose of their own authorized use on another carriers network.

The owner of the phone must first request the unlock code from the carrier and wait a reasonable period of time before unlocking their self. There are generally two types of phone technologies? Click the link for more information. The service was limited to only calling and texting but it was possible to get the phone to work on their service. Therefore, the Inventory Method is not possible. Internet and Picture messaging did not work on the Flashed Phone.

However, there were some workarounds to get picture messaging and internet to work but it was not directly supported by Metro PCS. Cloning Method The cloning method is sort of the Black-hat method to flashing a phone to Metro.

Craigslist The Cloning process is complicated and varies depending on each phone. This way they can avoid bricking their phone. There are other software out there, but CDMA workshop seams to be the standard software used for flashing phones. There are different Diagnostic Drivers for each manufacturer. If its a Motorola phone you would need the Motorola tools Drivers, etc.

The Process Since the cloning process is complicated and varies depending on each phone, we are only going to explain a general idea on how to do it.

This is for educational purposes only. Frequently the Diagnostic Driver for the CDMA phones manufacture needs to be installed in order for the phone to be read by the computer. Download and Install the Diagnostic Drivers for the phone. Then put the phone in Diagnostic Mode. To put the Phone in Diagnostic Mode.

Dial DIAG or Diagnostic Code may vary from model to model. Select the USB Option. All the information about the phone will be populated to the left. Go to Security, SPC code. Then Send to the Phone. Often people write zeros over the SPC code in order for it to be easily remembered for later use. For this demo, a random PRL file is selected.

You will receive a confirmation message to confirm that it worked. Click Write to save the details. Change the settings to MobilePhoneNumber mymetropcs. Their is a learning curve to operating the Cloning software.

Will be outdated with metro pcs new Bring your own phone service. More Information and Tutorials: Understand that once a phone has been flashed over to Metro PCS, it will not be able to use the Internet or picture, and consider advice from the store manager of a cell phone broker in this free video on cell phones.

Can I connect my sprint iPhone to metropcs? maria. Unfortunately, Metro PCS does not offer Wireless Broadband Services, like MIFi yet. However, Since Virgin Mobile also uses the Sprint Network, youmight be able to do an activation only through Virgin Mobile. Recently i bought a iphone 5 sprint from craiglist. The phone turned out to be. May 06, Metro PCS will require you to bring the phone unlocked to them. Incidentally you can also pay extra for the hotspot to hook up to your laptop for internet, again with no issues. However there is no unlimited data. Can I Activate a IPhone 5s with Metro PCS? Similar Threads.

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