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Are women not interested in short, petite men? January 15, 1: And what are you fishing for with this question? Are you funny, are you smart, are you kind? As a tall, thin woman I can tell you: So, yes, you are overestimating the importance of your height. However, if being small means you are less sure of yourself or less willing to try, then yes.

And even insecurity is attractive to women with earth-mother type personalities. In answer to your question: Your height is around 80th percentile for white women in the US and closer to 20th percentile for men. Your weight could pose a problem for a lot of women, because of the brutal appearance expectations in our culture. For example, you and I are the same height, but just reading the number of pounds you weigh makes me feel like a hippo.

And I hate my body a lot less than many women hate theirs. So I went to your website and your Flickr site. You are in San Francisco - this is also good. I instruct you to come to the next SF Meetup February 11 or swing over to the next Berkeley meetup January 29 , and live women can evaluate you in person.

I mean, you can increase your social circle, which increases the probability of meeting people who are already disposed to be curious about you and are not as hung up on your height and weight as stranger might be - perhaps, by mere presence, even give them a chance to be specifically attracted by those qualities. Not that I think you do that, ldandersen, just saying! But the whole "self-esteem and confidence is everything" paradigm of attraction is way too Tony Robbins for me. Although I do concur with caitlinb regarding weight issues.

When I see a vertically challenged man with a much taller woman I always think that man has it going on. I went out with a guy a few times that would make comments about the high heels that I wore and how they made me taller than him. It showed his lack of self confidence and was a real turn off.

So it rather logically follows that a lot of women do as well: That type do not suit eyeliner, but I still go weak at the knees for a man in nail-varnish. I know that the girls I meet and like are bookish, nerds, diy culture, musicians, artists, etc..

Yes, your initial paragraph is overstating the importance. I agree that for the most part personalities are pretty much set by the time that one reaches adulthood. Telling people to be more confident is probably not the most productive answer, but it is the truth.

Although it maybe difficult, people can at least work on aspects of their personalities that may help them lead a fuller life. And the biggest thing most people have to work on in their personalities is acceptance, embracing other people the way they are. Let the original poster decide whats of value and what isnt. I dont think its fruitful to start a debate here. My opinion, and thats all it is, is that height is only an issue if you let it be, which is what I think many other posters are trying to say.

I am not the best looking guy in the world or the worst , but for YEARS I blamed my inability to attract women to my looks.

It actually took therapy for me to realize that this was a lazy excuse. Someone here said we are stuck with our personality. Listen to the women here: One CAN go from being less confident to being more confident. Sometimes it just happens with age. Sometimes people need help i.

We men tend to suspect women are being dishonest about their feelings. We also notice that the really good-looking guys seem to have dates all the time.

How many of these guys have meaningful relationships? And I realize that, for many women, a less-than-physically attractive man can become more physically attractive if he has certain compensating traits. Shorter, smaller, "boyish" guys are her "type. You will be taller than most women. And what everyone else said about not worrying about it. Sooner or later it will boil down to your level of attitude and confidence to open the door.

Then it all depends on what you have in common regardless of height, weight, or sexy red hair. Even then, I married a funny, smart guy. Yeah, but telling someone that confidence is more important, attraction-wise, than skinniness, should be productive. Maybe that realization will increase his confidence. I have a theory that gorgeous guys never have to develop a personality. Also, the most key thing for any insecure guy to know is that girls are fifty bazillion times more insecure than you can ever understand.

We are all taught from day one that our looks matter and it scars us. Men are traditionally expected to be capable earners, intelligent, charming and educated, and now post-feminism, we have to be good-looking and sensitive as well, and of course "cofident. And how many females a man can attract is crucial to a males self-esteem and to the esteem he is held in by his peers right or wrong , so that creates an incredible amount of pressure around this stuff.

Grooming, however, goes a long way. This goes for ANY type. I suppose this goes hand in hand with confidence as well. Never underestimate the power of a toothbrush! I highly doubt it. But, I think it was weirder for me than for her. So do you, I imagine. I also second what availablelight said. I tend to fall for scrawny geek guys. I agree with whoever said that weight issues will probably be more of a problem than your height. None of my boyfriends has seemed threatened by the fact that I outweighed them by anywhere from pounds, but some of the non-boyfriend crushes had an issue with my size.

The ones that became full-blown relationships were all kindhearted, funny, interesting, smart people, excepting the first, who taught me everything I needed to know about the importance of putting kindness ahead of all the other factors.

That means chancing rejection, refusing cynicism, pursuing a full life, and taking care of yourself in all ways so that you are as attractive and interesting as possible to the right woman when she comes along. Best of luck to you. Men are given much more leeway than women, I believe I would disagree. I think things are about equal. As it is, men will pretty much settle for anything that will date them. Two of my bestest girly word. We used to joke about it. One of my bestest friends now is a smaller guy.

We like to talk to each other, we like the same kinds of things, and we make each other laugh and think, sometimes at the same time. Nothing else really matters. Keep yourself neat and clean, develop interests outside of finding a girl, and the girls will find you. It may take a while, though. That way the shorter male has a good dating pool, and those of who never got to dance in junior high because we were too tall have a field open to us too. So screw us and figure the numbers are actually with you.

Height is a factor for some people, but not for everyone. What makes him attractive is the sparkle in his eye, his grin, his sense of humour. Truth is, we live in a lonely, rough world, and anything that makes you feel safe and at home is worth hanging onto, regardless of meaningless details like height and weight.

I find this bizarre. I wonder how I could ever compete, these larger people just seem more grown up, more admirable because of their size. I guess size or any factor of appearance becomes a problem if it seems like a problem inside you. Most of the world manages to pair up despite being clearly less attractive than Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

There are even some girls who are attracted to insecure, dopey man-children like my girlfriend. Not tall, not tiny, but my "averageness" always bothered in America. And I mean every day. It defies all conventional wisdom, and so the only conclusion I can make is that they must be incredibly devoted, charming, gentle, funny guys.

I generally prefer chubby men, but when I first clicked on your blog and saw the signs of a fellow Mac addict, everything else just faded into the background: Most of us grew up and continue to live in the same image-conscious culture that more or less programs us to find some part of our physicality dissatisfying. I know, all of this is easier said than done, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Also, what caitlinb said.

There's a good chance your petite new love interest is a "firecracker," as some say, which will make you love her even more. 6. You'll most likely have to . May 13, аи The cons to dating a petite girl is that you would always look older then her. It's cute dating one in highschool but once you're out of highschool and your body changes and gets more bigger (usually for most men), petite women will usually always stay petite and they will always appear Resolved.

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