Dating and marriage customs in spain

Same sex marriages in Spain In Spain began to recognise the need to allow same sex marriages and legalised civil law partnerships. Same sex couples now have the same rights as hetrosexual couples and such ceremonies are now very popular in Spain. It is common for couples to have a civil ceremony in the UK then a more informal blessing in Spain, usually set within wonderful surroundings, with all the trimmings to their exact requirements.

Following these changes, many companies have sprung up that specialise in wedding planning in Spain. As for the legal matters, it works very similar to the UK. The first step is for the couple to register their intentions at the local registry office.

This notice of intention is then published for 15 days. After the 15 days the dtae of the service can be arranged. The registry office will need to see proof of your identity, age and nationality.

You will also need to provide proof of residency if one or both of you are not Spanish nationals. You need to check with the local office as to exactly what documents they require. At present Gibraltar does not offer same sex marriages although this may change. In any case it is always advisable to use the services of a wedding planner who can assist in the legal requirements.

Marriage customs in Spain Weddings in Spain are big business and taken very seriously. We interviewed several couples who had recently been married and discovered the following: In Spain weddings bear a special religious meaning and are very traditional, especially in the Seville area and there are many unique traditions.

It is usual for a couple to be engaged beforehand and this is symbolised by the giving of a necklace or a ring to the bride-to-be. The engagement can last several years and during this time the couple will purchase a home. Although attitudes are changing, it is not normal for the couple to live together. He may present her father with a watch. The wedding is likely to be a very large event with hundreds of guests.

It is likely to cost a huge amount of money, with no expense spared. It is unlucky for the bride to see the groom the night before the wedding. The bride will travel to the church with her father who gives her away. A traditional white dress may be worn or sometimes a genuine flamenco dress. She will have several flower girls and boys, dressed to match. The ceremony will last anywhere up to an hour and communion is often taken at the same time. During the ceremony, rings will be exchanged, often identical.

These will be worn on the right hand. The bride and groom will often exchange a pouch of 13 gold coins during the ceremony, see right.

This is a symbol of sharing everything with each other. Sometimes these coins will have been in the family for many, many years. Nowadays though it is common to purchase a cheap set of imitation gold coins.

The bride will also carry a bouquet which is tossed into the air after the wedding. The girl that catches it is said to be the next to marry. The bride may also have a basket of pins. The pins often resemble lilies or orchids. These pins are given to all the ladies at the reception. They will wear them upside down whilst dancing. If the pin falls out, the girl will marry.

After the church ceremony the bride and groom may be taken away to have their photographs taken. From here they will go to the reception which will be a party of massive proportions and go on all night. A honeymoon is normal. Spanish culture and marriage Although the trend is changing, it is traditional in Spain for a young couple intending to marry, to purchase a home together before the wedding but not to live together until after the wedding.

This rental income helps to pay the mortgage. Planning your wedding in Spain It is not always possible to be in Spain when planning your wedding and much of the preparations will need to be done remotely via the internet.

Alternatively, let your wedding planner take care of everything for you. You will need to communicate on a regular basis and possibly make a trip of two to the location prior to the wedding. One thing for sure is that whatever you require at your wedding, will be available. The choices are endless and the quality is generally very high. We have detailed below, just some of the things you will want to consider when planning a wedding in Spain. Location for weddings in Spain Spain is a large country and every region offers different characteristics.

The coastal areas of Spain offer high quality hotels that are perfectly geared up for weddings. Everything can be located at one site and planners will find this option the easiest to arrange. Equally popular are smaller, Spanish locations where quaint, traditional cortijos and fincas offer a unique location. You may want an international theme to your wedding or a traditional, Spanish theme. The proximity of a beach may also be a consideration. Spain has a large number of castles that are now available for weddings so this may be your chance to organise a fairytale themed wedding.

Wedding planners for weddings in Spain Without any doubt the easiest and most stress free way to organise a wedding in Spain is to employ the services of a wedding planner in Spain.

Most planners will quote you an exact fee for their services and advise you on the best local companies to provide exactly what you need. Dress and attire for weddings in Spain You may be bringing a wedding dress and other bridal outfits with you from the UK. Alternatively you may want this to be taken care of by a company in Spain. The only problem you will need to consider is the fitting and trials. Airlines are usually pretty good and very understanding when it comes to wedding dresses.

Caterers for weddings in Spain If your wedding is to be at a hotel where they specialise in weddings, the catering will be taken care of by the hotel.

They will present you with a list of menus from which to choose. They may also offer a tailored decorating service for the restaurant. Alternatively, your wedding location could be serviced by an outside caterer of your choice. When choosing your menu, bear in mind the climate and the comfort of your guests. Cakes for weddings in Spain Wherever you get married in Spain, you will find a host of caterers providing unique wedding cakes.

Some are large, well established companies and some are small, independent cake makers. Flowers for weddings in Spain The range of flowers available for weddings in Spain is huge. Fresh flowers are very popular and readily available, all year round. There is also a huge market for silk flowers.

If you would like to take some of the flowers back to the UK with you then silk is your only option. Entertainment for weddings in Spain You will have no trouble locating quality entertainment for your wedding in Spain. The hotel or wedding location may have a list of suggestions.

Entertainers in Spain are quite used to the long hours that will be demanded from them. Many weddings go right through the night. You might also consider rounding off your wedding with your own firework display, something that is very popular and reasonably priced in Spain. Photography and video for weddings in Spain It may not be financially viable to bring a photographer or video company over with you from the UK so you will be looking at companies in Spain.

The choices are almost endless and the quality will vary considerably. You may wish to opt for an English speaking company although most Spanish wedding photographers are quite capable of covering English weddings. With easy access to the internet, viewing samples and making bookings is easy.

Your photographer will almost certainly require a deposit when you make a reservation. This is quite normal but make sure you get a contract and receipt. One thing you can be sure of with a wedding in Spain is a unique and wonderful backdrop for your photography.

You can also be almost certain of pleasant weather but there are no guarantees. When it comes to having your wedding in Spain filmed, you are far better to have an English speaking film crew. You will need to communicate precisely with them as to your requirements.

Cakes for weddings in Spain. Wherever you get married in Spain, you will find a host of caterers providing unique wedding cakes. Some are large, well established companies and some are small, independent cake makers. Flowers for weddings in Spain. The range of flowers available for weddings in Spain is huge. Sep 08, "Dating Customs" Interesting topic Are you talking about hanging around nightclubs and bars until the wee hours of the morning, or going out for tapas and drinks with your friends? Most of the people I know either split the bill, or someone will pick up the tab as they move from place to place, sharing expenses as they go.

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