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Do I have to act like my character while I am in costume? Some people do choose to role-play while they are in costume, but it is by no means required, unless you are participating in an event like the Dating Game or Cosplay Chess. Do I have to be in cosplay to attend the convention? Many people attend the convention in street clothes, you will not feel out of place if you are not in costume. Where do I get a costume? Some people make their own costumes, some buy them from places like Ebay or specific costume retailers.

Still others commission people to make their costume for them. It is not required that you make your own costume unless you are competing in the Masquerade, where you will be judged on your craftsmanship. As stated in the question above, you should dress as a character you love, regardless of their popularity. While we are an anime convention, we do not require that cosplays be exclusive to Japanese media unless you are planning on wearing the costume to participate in a specific cosplay event, like Masquerade or Chess.

If you are just planning on walking around the halls, feel free to wear your Stormtrooper, My Little Pony or any other type of costume you like.

Will people take my picture if I cosplay? It is very common for people to request photographs from people wearing costumes, particularly of popular characters. Practice your poses, just in case. If someone does snap a photo without asking, you may politely ask them to delete it. If you encounter any problems with people taking unwanted photographs of you, feel free to contact any member of Anime Boston staff or security, and we will be happy to help you.

Anime Boston is an anime convention. As such, the executives of the convention have made a ruling that all official events panels, AMV contest, cosplay contests, etc must have a basis in Japan or Japanese culture. The Last Airbender, Overwatch or any of these other things There are plenty of multi-genre conventions out there that host programming for ALL forms of pop culture. Is there somewhere I can change? We do not provide any sort of changing rooms at the convention, but you can change in the bathrooms if you need to.

Another possibility would be finding a friend who is staying at a nearby hotel and asking if you might use their room.

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