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Wrapping a passing iceberg in a fabric skirt would also stop the iceberg melting before it reaches South Africa as the specialist geotextile would help reduce evaporation. Despite their best efforts, the team admits the berg is likely to shrink by about 30 per cent on its journey northwards.

The Southern Ice team will use a geotextile material to tow the iceberg. There have been several attempts at moving icebergs to end droughts. In , the UAE was experiencing severe water shortages and a project was set up to tow an iceberg to the region. The only details provided at the time, was that towing would be the most likely method. South Africa in is experiencing its worst drought for a century. A renowned marine salvage master from the country also believes towing an iceberg could be the answer.

He intends to do this by using a material skirt, made of a specialist geotextile, which would fit around the underside of the huge chunk of ice. In order for this to be successful, the iceberg must be of specific size and shape, with steep sides. Huge tankers would guide and pull the iceberg through the water and the skirt would help reduce evaporation.

A milling machine would then then cut into the ice, producing a slurry and forming a saucer structure that will speed up the natural process, he said. The removal of the salt from the water would require huge desalination plants, and a large injection of cash to build plants capable of processing several thousand tonnes.

More than 2, billion tonnes of ice breaks away from Antarctica every year, and the Southern Ice team predict that about 7 per cent of that would be suitable for towing. Large tankers would be used to guide the blocks into the Benguela Current that flows along the west coast of southern Africa. One major obstacle that the team faces is desalination - making the sea water suitable for human consumption.

South Africa is in the grip of its worst water shortage in a century. Authorities have warned that taps could run dry altogether as soon as next year and Mr Sloane believes that an iceberg could solve the shortage South Africa has declared a national disaster over the drought that hit its southern and western regions.

This latest drought comes after and turned into two of the driest years on record. Tough water restrictions are already in place and Cape Town is at real risk of running dry completely.

The city council was not immediately available for comment. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Enormous icebergs from Antarctica could be towed to South Africa could solve drought crisis.

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