How long before dating after death of spouse

Tuffy September 8, at 5: I simply cannot care about someone else as I did my spouse. I thought we were forever…. WHY would he do that? I thought we were reunited…. I just want the truth. At my age 55 men just want someone to take care of THEM! Miriam Constantino September 1, at 3: He was 23 years old.

He was my everything. What hurts the most was all the unecessary petty little fights we had. I regret so many things. Like the last time I saw him, we fought. Over something so stupid. I never thought he would go to a bar that night specially in a such far away place with a so called friend and get severely intoxicated.

Our fight was so little and petty. It was nothing huge. The thing is he went to a bar. Got drunk to the point he had no idea what he was doing. His friend gave him a shirt to wrap around his arm instead of taking him to the hospital. He claims my boyfriend didnt want any medical attention. He was too drunk to make any decision on his own! I never thought his friend would leave him, take my boyfriends car back to his house and leave my man there to bleed to death.

But everyday I ask myself why there being so many people no one called Had I been there, this would have never happened. I feel in a way I let my boyfriend down. I loved him dearly. And I regret so much not being able to be there to save his life. My life has changed. My life is over. Life will never be the same. We had so many plans. We had plans to get engaged.

He had even picked out a boys name already. He had just gotten a really good job. Everything was perfect and then this happens. By far the worst thing that has happened to me.

I look at our pictures. Or have to go to the cementary to pick his burial site. But he was my everything. Our life was just about to start together. I hope he rests in peace. I hope to see him again. I want to believe god has a plan for me.

He will have to live with his conscious. Leaving him there with strangers and taking my boyfriend car back to his house. I mean who does that? We all know you never leave a friend behind. Specially someone in need of medical attention. This could have been preventable. Had Anthony gotten medical attention, he would be here.

Had someone called My Anthony would still be here. I can only imagine bleeding out for 2 hours with so many people around and no one calling How do you not notice the blood? I have so many questions. But no matter what I do now, nothing will bring my Anthony back. For the rest of my life I will go on thinking and longing for him and all of our hopes and dreams. The day he left, he took me with him. May he be in heaven with god and watching over us. You were such a big part of my life.

So much I learned from you. I love you and I always will. Duckworth August 11, at Patient has previous arrhythmias but not dynamic and was not given pills until last 3 months before ER admission for bad laboratory findings on two values. The nursing and other services in the hospital were excellent and the speciality doctors would show up initially but nothing else was reported even after they did their evaluation and tests.

The wife was not informed of anything and if question came up to the Nurses on duty, they would call the hospitalist, who never came during the day time visits to the hospital by the spouse. Finally the spouse thought her husband was getting better and then he started failing fast. Still no explanations were given until the hospital ordered Hospice care and prepared him for transport. Only the last hour was the spouse informed of the details of the transport only.

Spouse has worked in medical field and things have changed. Wife Adrienne August 9, at 3: He was sweet, sensitive, kind and helpful to anyone in need. I used to get upset because he helped so many people and sometimes I felt left out.

I had to shovel the snow from it as well as my own car. For over two years I could not listen to a Roy Orbison song. We went camping — I still have the camping equipment. He was such a nature lover. I travel as much as I can and work full time just to keep my mind off the loss. After he passed I found a coupon for a locket that he was looking at. He probably was going to buy it for me for my birthday on Dec.

So I bought it and have worn it since the day he passed. My girlfriend gave me a teddy bear which I hug in his name when I feel down. He died the day before thanksgiving. I buried him on my birthday. I cried for months on the train to work. The pain is still there after 5 years but has lessened a little. I can listen to Roy Orbison now and not cry. I visit his grave often. I talk to him. He will always be with me. Sagess July 11, at 4: Some of us STAY married for eternity.

Igiveup July 3, at 4: I was 17 and he was 18…never had i loved someone so much. He made me happy. He battled a chronic illness of kidney failure and seizures…he always had a smile on his face no matter what. I saw him almost time numerous times…. We got together and I would have never knew…he almost died in because his transplant was rejecting…this man changed my whole life.

HOW TO SPOT A NARCISSIST: Sometimes your intuition is telling you something just isn't right but you aren't quite sure what it might be. There are red. Kathie Lee Gifford on Dating After Husband Frank's Death: 'Some Men Are Afraid of Strong Women'.

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