Is there dating in heaven

Rhonda March 28, at 9: He was an alcoholic and died of Cirrhosis of the liver. He always read the bible and put his trust in the Lord but just had this terrible addiction. He left behind a 13 year old son and myself. I feel like part of me is gone as well. I just have a question. Will I see him again? I know Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins but I still question why did my husband have to die and leave behind his son that needs him so much.

Rhonda Jack Wellman March 28, at 9: What heartache this must be for you and our son. No, Jesus said in John Do you believe this? Your ancestors ate manna and died, but whoever feeds on this bread will live forever. God has no aborted children, only children who posses or hold eternal life. Paul said that in Eph 2: Let me give you one more comforting verse that Paul wrote to declare that this person who trusts in Christ is in no way going to be forgotten or as Paul wrote in Rom 8: Even death can not prevent us from being with Jesus.

May the God of all comfort, comfort you and richly bless you and your son. You will see your husband again. Jack March 29, at 4: Very sad to hear that this woman you were talking to, has lost her husband to alcohol. That is why our duty is to preach the Gospel to as many people as possible, so that none who never knew God may perish, but be joined with Him in eternal heaven! We love you, Jesus! DD Jack Wellman March 29, at 1: This is all the more reason to have a passion for the lost and be about rescuing the perishing and casting nets but with the recognition that it is the Father Who draws men and women to Christ John 6: Jonathan April 2, at 8: I could be interpreting your reply wrong and, if so, I apologize.

I just wanted to say that I think there is plenty of scriptural evidence to back up the fact that someone CAN lose their salvation. I myself have more than likely been in that situation on numerous occasions…even very recently. Mostly due to a complete falling away from God and Christian living.

Of course we will all continue to struggle with sin and will be forgiven when we ask, but we must do our best and continually strive to be better. Jack Wellman April 2, at 4: I believe we must all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and the haunting works of Jesus in Matthew 7: Away from me, you evildoers! Jesus says that nobody can take out of His hands what the Father has given Him.

To lose your salvation kind of makes it sound like you have ownership and have earned it. I think the Bible speaks for itself that those who are not saved, will never be saved, but those who are truly saved can not lose that.

To say they could seems to be blasphemous because it goes against election. I, do, however, believe in the professing Christian one who says they believe in Christ, but does not truly and we can discern this by the fruits they produce And I come to the understanding from reading Mt. Those who truly have Jesus in their heart, never loses Him. If they do, they never truly had Him to begin with. But other than that, great article, Jack! Jack Wellman June 2, at 6: I so admire your biblical wisdom.

Dear name withheld I am so proud of your effort to ensure that a person is soundly saved. Jesus said that you shall know them provides evidence or proof of by their fruit. No fruit or bad fruit shows that they are truly not abiding in the vine. We are to honor our parents, as you said, even if they are old. One way we honor them is to show them that we love them and love sometimes offends in order to, as Tom said, humble them because the most loving thing we can do is to tell them the truth.

The truth sets you free or it makes your really made. The Word of God comforts the afflicted but afflicts the comfortable. This is contrary to what the Bible says…we are all sinners, we have the wrath of God abiding on us still Rom 5; John 3: Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church.

Do this in love. As I said before with your friend, you may have to offend to soften their hearts. Soft words produce hard hearts but hard words produce soft hearts. Do it only one time and then wait upon God. Ask them to read Matthew 7: It needs to cut in order to heal!

Let me know what you think of the evangelistic nature of the article. I think you are so right Zack and I thank God for you brother for you know you are so right. I wish I had you in my church or you could go with me in street evangelism, in the mall, or door to door. We need men of God like you so much! Jesus said that I give them eternal life. If the receive it and then lose it, was it really eternal? May God richly bless you brother.

Zack June 2, at 6: Kudos to you for that! Jack, I have been reading many of your articles today, and they really do open my eyes especially the article about living together before marriage. You speak edification to the body of Christ, and may the Lord bless you for that. I seek out your guidance and understanding on sexual immorality as I was recently in a very sinful relationship that I broke out of by the Grace of God but still find myself consumed at times by the sinful thoughts, and even have met up with her, not honoring God in the slightest with what I do.

I can be impulsive, acting on my urges rather than logic, and Proverbs 14 showed me that, so now I look to honing my faith. I desire to live my life for Christ, and I will not stop fighting, no matter how many times sin knocks me down. Warnings should come first, followed by a promise. Warn them against evil first, then give an encouragement. Hard words should be given to disobedience, and soft words to obedience.

Hard words must be given first to the wicked people, then the soft words, right? Just hard words might make people think that God is not giving them fun. You are right, though, that we should alert people about hell. We must discourage people from doing evil, and encourage people to do good. That sounds like a reference to Matthew 7: Is That a prophecy? What about Revelation 7: Well, multitude, beyond count?

It just means that many not necessarily a large proportion will go to heaven.

Will There Be Marriage And Sex In Heaven? by Jack Wellman · Print Read the entire chapter and you’ll see that. Jesus said there is no marriage in heaven and there is no giving in marriage and no sex in marriage. There is no purpose to dating, and therefore no dating no dances, no candle light dinners with that someone special, no. Why is there no marriage in heaven? Written by Subby Szterszky. Themes covered. Faith So then, there is indeed marriage in heaven – one great, ultimate consummation between the Lamb and His Bride, described at length in the book of Revelation.

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