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Units a measure of length equal to the average length of a stride, approximately 3 feet. See also Roman pace , geometric pace , military pace 3. Architecture architect a step or small raised platform 9. I do not, pace my rivals, agree with their ideas. Pace a company or herd of assesóBk. According to one source which claims to have actually measured its speed, a snail moves at the rate of one mile in fourteen days.

The snail, like the turtle, is one of the slowest-moving creatures on the earth and has symbolized extreme slowness, tardiness, and sluggishness for centuries. Lightning travels at the speed of light, considered by modern scientists to be the highest attainable.

The concept of lubricating a lightning bolt to reduce its friction with the air and consequently increase its speed is the apparent origin of this American term.

The original expression, dating from at least , was hand over hand, a nautical term with the literal meaning of advancing the hands alternatively, as when climbing up or down a rope or when raising or hauling in a sail.

Still in nautical use, the phrase acquired the figurative sense of advancing continuously, as one ship gaining rapidly on another. It is in this sense that hand over fist was first used, about , according to OED citations. The figurative use of hand over fist, the only form of this expression current today, dates from the 19th century. The precise origin or explanation is unknown.

A plausible conjecture is that bats, because of their aversion to light, would beat a hasty retreat from the illuminating flames of the infernal regions. The phrase is of American origin. We went like a bat out of hell along a good state road. John Dos Passos, Three Soldiers, like a house afire Quickly, rapidly, like greased lightning; vigorously, enthusiastically, hammer and tongs.

This expression refers to the swiftness with which a fire can consume a house, particularly one built of wood or other flammable materials. This is an obvious metaphor referring to the split second it takes to blink the eye. Originally, hot cakes referred to corn cakes, but the term now applies to grid-dlecakes or pancakes. Molasses, naturally thick and sluggish, becomes even more so in cold weather due to the crystallization of its high sugar content. Among the numerous variants are the expanded version slow as molasses going uphill in January and slow as cold molasses.

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